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Bamboo leaf Jasper diffuser bracelet

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Type: bracelet

Bamboo leaf jasper:

Said to help bring peaceful comprehension of one's own internal stability allowing acceptance of what is. It dissolves fear of chaos, enhances personal power, supports change.

*There will be some differences in each order as each bracelets is unique.*

Use as a diffuser by adding your favorite essential oils to the lavastones. I use only natrual semi-precious stones, the right size makes a huge difference on how well the bracelet will work and prevent it from overstretching. Choose from small or med.

How to choose the right size? The average size is medium 7.5 inches so I recommend if buying for someone else that is average size. If possible measure your own wrist, the right fit will effect not only how well the bracelet works to diffuse since it needs body heat and contact with skin to diffuse properly, but also the right fit will prevent overstretching.