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Some like it HOT ! Now that’s bringing the heat ! Same great Blend, but an additional 4 varieties of extra hot Chili Peppers. Do you like the Extra Spicy Button, try this Chili Blend and let me know if this meets it. Made with up to 8 varieties of air dried chili peppers. Yes it might be ‘ burning mouth hot ‘ and will sure add a zesty kick to your dishes. Try it first and you decide if you need to : sprinkle it liberally for the ‘ Spicy You ‘ or lightly for the ‘ Mild You ‘. Its all up to you. Makes a delicious seasoning for soups, veggies, grilled protein and of course your version of Chili. Blend it with sour cream or greek yogurt to make a great dip. Made in Manitoba from organically grown Chili Peppers & Herbs.

From our farm to you. No GMO plants : No pesticides : No artificial colours / flavours. Makes a great gift for a ‘ Foodie ‘. Or add to your collection.

38 g   Ingredients : Hungarian Paprika, Smoked Paprika, Garlic, Pepper, Organically Grown Chili Peppers and Herbs