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Lush Locks Hair Tonic

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Type: Bath & Body

Is your hair thinning after childbirth, menopause, thyroid issues or just the stress of life? There are so many things that can affect our bodies and that includes our hair and scalp.

Our Lush Locks Hair Tonic was developed to naturally stimulate blood circulation, which in turn promotes healthy hair growth.  So what is a hair tonic? It is often referred as a “friction lotion,” which when massaged into your scalp helps promote blood circulation and moisturize your scalp.

We have combined natural herbs like almond, aloe vera, rosemary, lavender & peppermint along with Vitamin E oil & other essential oils. This rich blend nourishes & conditions your hair, strengthens roots and helps to prevent hair breakage. It works in a couple of ways –helps improve hair density and curbs hair loss. The best thing about it is its delightful fragrance.

·         Free of parabens & artificial ingredients

·         Strengthens, nourishes & softens

·         Promotes healthy hair growth

·         Ideal for all hair types

·         Suitable for daily use

·         Non-toxic and safe

Shake well before each use Apply to wet hair at the roots. Massage into scalp. Comb through hair. Use daily for best results.