TACO SEASONING BLEND – Inspirations Market


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Ariba Ariba !! Homemade Tacos : nothing better : fun to do with the kids, make their own taco. Use this Seasoning Blend for your ground beef or chicken or veggie protein. Bring the ‘ South of The Border ‘ flavour home with this Seasoning Blend, made from air dried chili peppers & Herbs. Add more to make it ‘ Spicy ‘ or less to make it ‘ Mild ‘. Its all up to you. Great for any Mexican dish : tacos : taco salad : taco soup and more. Blend it with sour cream or greek yogurt to make a great taco dip. Made in Manitoba from organically grown Chili Peppers & Herbs.

From our farm to you. No GMO plants : No pesticides : No artificial colours / flavours. Makes a great gift for a ‘ Foodie ‘. Or add to your collection.

35 g    Ingredients : Cumin, Garlic, Onion, Coriander, Pink Himalayan / Sea Salt, Organically Grown Chili Peppers and Herbs