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Women's Cashmere Star-patterned Sweater Mittens - Size Medium

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These women's size medium cashmere mittens feature a bright star patterned grey top. The palms are soft grey and lilac cashmere which coordinates with the pattered top and lilac cuffs. Soft and warm at the same time, they will keep you toasty from fingertips to wrist bone.  Inside lining is a rich green which contrasts beautifully. Truly one-of-a-kind mittens.

FABRICS: Queenston Crafts' beautiful, upcycled mittens are made from locally sourced thrift store sweaters.  Made from wool, cashmere and/or angora, these natural fibre mittens are fully lined with soft, cuddly fleece to provide warmth and softness.  Each sweater is washed and felted in hot water to shrink and tighten the fibres which provides a wind-resistant and heat retaining product.  I hand cut and sew every pair with care.

SIZE: These women's medium mittens will fit hands of teens and adults alike.  Due to the stretch and fabric content of individual sweaters, each pair is unique but generally, the women's medium are approximately 10 - 10.5 inches long outside, and 9.75 - 10.25 inches long inside; they are 4.5 inches wide outside and 4 inched wide inside.  These measurements are when flat, not when molded around a hand.